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Island of Solta

Solta is an island in the middle of Dalmatia, a coastal part of Croatia. Sailing boat According to its land area, Solta belongs to the medium sized group of adriatic islands. Solta Island (pronounced sholta) is so close to Split and only one hour away from Split, the economic and cultural center of Dalmatia.
Only 19km long and five km wide or 9 nautical miles from Split, with its 60km of coastline interspersed with four harbours and 24 bays, it offers the visitor quick approach and a safe, pleasant stay… this little island is an ideal day trip from Split.
Taking advantage of modern fast boats, one can reach Solta within 15 to 20 minutes.
The island’s harbours and bays have a capacity to accomodate some thousand boats, while the numerous natural beaches offer sufficient space for many more swimmers.There’s not a huge amount to do though, except explore one of the little villages or hang out on one of the rocky beaches.
The natural beauty of Solta has attracted and inspired many well known people. In 295 AD the Roman Emperor Diokletian built his fishery in one of Solta’s bays.