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Yacht private guide

If you are planning a private or a business trip to Croatia the involvement

of the private yacht travel guide is the best choice for you!


Your holiday or journey (marital / business / private), vacation (romantic weekend), party or sightseeing will get a whole new dimension of luxury that you can afford!
We will provide you an easy reach of the best destinations, restaurants and clubs!
Even if you decide to spend just a few hours in the city, our yacht travel guide will help you to not waste your precious time and that you don’t miss your flight!

Our educated and qualified travel companion will help you to experience an unforgettable experience but also gain some knowledge about the city or the country where you arrived!

Yacht Private Travel Guide companion possibilities:

  • Yacht Private Travel Guide – 3 day trip (a weekend)
  • Yacht Private Travel Guide – 7 days trip (party, holiday & vacation, honeymoon…)
  • Yacht Private Travel Guide –14 days or more trip (party, holiday & vacation, honeymoon…)
  • Yacht Private Business Travel Guide for a few hours, half a day, for a day, for a several daysYacht
  • Private Travel Guide – three-day corporate trip

10 reasons why hire a Yacht Travel Guide:

1. individual approach, flexibility
2. saving your time – guide will as quickly as possible take you to your destination
3. easily adapts to the needs of their guests
4. relaxed sightseeing, top recommendations and tips, culinary experience
5. If you are alone – you have someone to talk to, safety in an unknown city and country (robbery, theft …)
6. knowledge of basic historical and geographical data
7. knowledge of the state of law and order, easy to navigate in legal situations
8. knowledge of your language
9. passionate narrator; you will learn more than you thought about the city and the country where you arrived, a lot of detailed information, a lot of interesting stories from everyday city life and history
10. resourceful and organized, smiling, cordial, polite and always available, loves his job

Finding the right guide is the foundation of your pleasure.


Our guides are professionals yachts travel guides and companions,

as well as members of the association.

Antropoti Yachts – Your guide