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Refitting yachts

Antropoti Yachts has a great service of yachts refitting and maintenance; it is able to deal with both the ordinary and extraordinary yacht maintenance.

The company is an expert in hull repairs, damaged fiberglass and restyling of the interior, thanks to a long experience.

Several features that can be offered:

  • Refitting of the body (hull)
  • Refitting of carpentry and furniture
  • Refitting of electrical and nautical equipment
  • Refitting of lighting
  • Refitting of marine air conditioning
  • Refitting of the hydraulic, mechanics
  • Refitting parts: thanks to a well stocked warehouse and the close collaboration with the best companies of nautical products, Antropoti Yachts can offer genuine spare parts in a very short time
  • Refitting of upholstery: replacement of fitted carpets, leather sofas and fabric, curtains and upholstery
  • Refitting of the cleaning and sanitation: a qualified staff is always operational in order to ensure the best service of seasonal cleaning and hygiene