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Motor Yachts


Motor Yachts


You like speed and want to visit several sea destinations in one day?

Special offer on our motor yachts for all speed lovers will bring you even better comfort on the sea.

Why charter a motor boat (yacht)?

Chartering a motor boat provides a great pleasure of being on board. Motor boats are faster than sailing boats; perfect for those in search for speed and excitement. They offer luxury and comfort, more space and wider living area below decks.

Motor boats and yachts are more powerful, providing all water sports and entertainment amenities; water toys, large screen TV, the latest navigation and communication systems, etc. Roomy cabins, lavishly equipped galley, sophisticated technology, spacious decks, these are the main features of motor boats and yachts.
These boats do not heel over while underway, which makes your vacations a lot more comfortable. While sailing yachts require more experience and more staff, motor yachts are easier and simpler to operate and require less experience than sailing yachts.

Their shallow draft allows you to approach some areas unreachable by sailing yachts. High speed is the great advantage of motor yachts, for it gives you an opportunity to see and do more in a short period of time.

Yacht Charter Antropoti Motor Yachts Croatia

Guests: 6-16 Price: 3.500 – 30.000 € / week Length: 16m+

Motor yachts over 16 meters in length require at least a skipper to operate the yacht and/or a hostess to help with other services on board. However, larger yachts, so-called mega yachts, require the crew to take care of possible duties while underway. Whether you choose a skipper or the crew, they all have separate quarters. These yachts are provided with all modern amenities and the latest technological equipment.

Guests: 6-10 Price: 3.500 – 16.000 € / week Length: 14-16m

These motor yachts are excellent choice for extended vacation. Most of these yachts provide comfort in two or three cabins, four at the most. Some of these yachts require a professional skipper, though most of them are available for bareboat charter. Charter prices for this yacht class range from 7,000 to 17,000 EUR. These are the approximate prices for a week charter during the peak season.

Guests: 4-10 Price: 1.200 – 8.500 € / week Length: 12-14m

Motor yachts of this type provide accommodation in two or three cabins. All these yachts are available for bareboat charter and do not require a professional skipper, unless requested. They are also a great choice for extended cruise, for they provide spaciousness and all comforts for up to six passengers. Approximate prices during the peak season range from 4,000 to 10,000 EUR for a week charter.

Guests: 2-8 Price: 1.000 – 8.500 € / week Length: 10-12m

Motor boats of up to 12 meters in length are perfect for short daily cruises and recreational activities. Although not convenient for extended vacation, these boats provide accommodation in two cabins, or some even three cabins for up to six passengers; in somewhat smaller but comfortable cabins. Therefore, these are also convenient for overnight stays. Their average price range from 2,500 to 7,000 EUR for a week charter during the peak season.

Guests: 2-6 Price: 800 – 5.600 € / week Length: -10m

All motor boats of less than 10 meters in length are available for bareboat charter. These are excellent for short passages between islands and ports, as well as they are convenient for various water sport activities. They provide accommodation in one or two cabins, for up to four passengers. Their average price range from 1,400 to 3,500 EUR for a week charter during the peak season.