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Sailing yachts


Sailing yachts


Once you sail, a feeling of satisfaction and experience of the sea, wind and adrenaline freedom becomes your pleasure and addiction.

In our offer of the most demanding fleet sailboats, you can choose between sailboats with or without a crew.

Discover Sailing on the Adriatic Sea with Sailing Yachts Croatia Antropoti.

Why charter a sailing boat (yacht)?

Sailing is an inviting activity and the perfect choice for true sailing enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Once known as the only way to cross the seas and to explore undiscovered destinations, today sailing means a lot more than that. It is not only challenge or recreation; it is the way of life for many.

There is a considerable number of sailing boats and a variety of boat types and designs in today’s yacht charter market; dinghies, sloops, catamarans, ketches, schooners. It is quite inviting activity for all in search for adventure and fun, an ideal recreation to master your skills when operating a boat. All sailing boats are propelled by the wind due to efficient sail-plans. Sailing boats are also equipped with diesel-powered engine to increase the power when winds are not up to the task.

However, though slower than motor boats, sailing boats are more economical when compared to the fuel consumption of motor boats. Sailing boats have fewer fuel costs than motor boats and yachts. You can enjoy a quiet and long cruise to your preferred destination, or an exciting race adventure. Sailing boats require more experience and skills. These boats are more convenient because of their favorable prices. Besides, chartering a sail boat provides relaxing and pleasure vacation.

Antropoti Sailing Yachts Luxury Sailing Adriatic

The charter boat types range from luxury crewed sailing yachts to sailing bareboats from all bases on Adriatic.

Guests: 6-12 Price: 3.400 – 39.000 € / week Length: 16m+

Sailing yachts over 15 meters in length provide an exquisite vacation in luxury and style. These yachts are ideal for extended vacations, for they provide comfort; mostly 5 cabins, some with 3 or 4. Price range is between 3,400 to 39,000 EUR per week.

Guests: 6-12 Price: 2.990 – 8.800 € / week Length: 14-15m

Here you can find mostly sailing yachts with 4 cabins, some with 3 or 5. Price range is between 2,990 to 8,800 EUR per week.

Guests: 6-10 Price: 2.000 – 7.500 € / week Length: 12-14m

Sailing boats with 3 or 4 cabins with price range 2,000 to 7,500 EUR.

Guests: 6-10 Price: 2.000 – 7.500 € / week Length: 12-14m

These sailing yachts come with 2, mostly 3, some with 4 cabins, or even 6 Nautitech 395 (10people + 1). Price range is from 1,550 to 5,250 EUR per week.

Guests: 6-10 Price: 1.550 – 5.250 € / week Length: 10-12m

Price range is 1,250 to 2,100 EUR per week, accomodation provided are two cabins, up to 6 guests.

Guests: 1-6 Price: 1.250 – 2.100 € / week Length: -10m