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Skipper & Crew

Skipper & Crew


If you really want to enjoy your vacation, you should rent a vessel with a crew. Antropoti Team can provide you professional skippers, the best chefs, hostesses, floral decorations, catering, gifts, free grocery shopping and delivery and anything else you might want and need and make sure that you absolutely enjoy and have fun in Croatia.


Skipper is the captain of a smaller vessel. He drives the boat and keeps it in order, takes care of the paperwork in ports and marinas, transfers the vessel from one marina to another between the charters (if necessary), answer all of the guests questions, suggest itinerary and activities, help them with any possible problems and takes care of the guests.

Also he is there  if there is no hostess on board, he sometimes prepares the meals and cleans up after the guests.


The hostess is on board to take care of the guests’ needs, prepare meals and keep the boat in order. Together with the skipper (or the other crew members) she cleans and tidies up the boat and cooks for the guests.

Private chef

The cook can or doesn’t have to be included in the crew; it depends on boat size and guests’ wishes. If there is no chef on board, the captain, skipper or the hostess are taking care about a meals.

Chef like a member of the crew is completely in charge of food and beverages, planning menus, cooking according to guests’ wishes and serving the meals (if there isn’t anyone else who would do that) but also for buying and ordering groceries.

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What Food To Buy For Sailing?

The amount of food you are going to take to your boat depends upon the number of people and rough estimates of how much each person can eat in a day times the number of days of your sailing trip. The rule of thumb for the sailing food is to take a little bit extra.
That refers to the non-perishable food.

The easiest way to your favourite food is with the delivery of Antropoti Yachts.
Delivery Antropoti Yachts has access to many of shops enabling you to quickly search and order from the best in your area.

With Antropoti reliable and fast delivery it’s easy to always find the best shops and tastiest food in your new area.

With one call or e-maill your order goes straight to the shops and ensuring your food is always delivered on time on the board for your enjoyment on the Adriatic Sea and we will save your favourite menus if you want to order again.
Your perfect holiday can begin without the hassle of searching for shop, waiting in lines and searching for transportation.

With the delivery of Antropoti your delicious food is on its way
and you can relax and enjoy in the Adriatic sea.